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Up To Speed.

I just got a faster connection thanks to Verizon wireless.  *big grin*  I need to thank Shayne as well for her suggestion.

I have also finished several sentences for several books in the series.  They feel like good guides for now but they could change as the story evolves.  That is a wonderful thing too, depending on how it goes I may end up combining ideas and ripping some apart and my sentences could change because of that easily.  Things have a way of getting better the more you put into it and I’m looking forward to that.   I’m moving on to the next “HTWAS” section in a few hours.


I’m turning up some interesting research that will help the core of the series.  Some frightening stuff to be honest, but fascinating none the less.  If you’re going to work world destruction into a series it is best to find out what really happens.

The Space Review: The EMP threat: fact, fiction, and response (part 1) (page 1).

A Series Game Plan

I have a series blurb done.  So my next step is to look at the blurb and figure out the logical steps that will have to occur in each novel to have it fall into place.  So in order to do that I will do a mind map to get some ideas together after asking some questions.  Like; if this happens what effects would happen here?  Who would it affect?  What causes this to happen?  What could be lost?  What could be gained? Who gets hurt the most?  And so on.  As many questions as I can think of to apply to the idea and pull out story arcs for each novel.  The whole A+B=C routine with a few left hooks and upper-cuts to keep everyone guessing.  This is going to be fun, but it will also take a while to complete.

Protected: WIP- Series Blurb

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Hmm. . .I’l be taking the world poll and the  “which one should I write” post  and filling it under password protected.  Guess, I need to watch it, huh?  I’ll release it again after the novel been written.  Le’ sigh.  Why is it a few who ruin it for the many?

Something borrowed: The roots of the ‘new’ plagiarism – The Writer Magazine.