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It has been a bit nuts around here for the past several months and it is likely to continue. I will not be posting for quite a while in addition to the length of time that has already elapsed.
The motherboard in my laptop fried a month after the warranty expired. So I’m writing everything long hand which works better for me any way. I’ll type and edit at the same time. ¬†I can’t afford $400.00 right now.
I have more 1700 and 1800’s era American Indian women life ways and cooking demonstrations coming up than I know what to do with. Yep that includes sleeping under the stars. Fun stuff with pay. *waggles eyebrows*
Last and definitely not least, I’m 17 weeks pregnant. He or she will be our first non furry child, not a dog or a cat. We don’t know what we’re having yet. My husband is having daily panic attacks and worrying about everything. I’m pretty much calm and collected. Every now and again I have massive mood swings but when that happens I can feel it so I warn him and lock myself in a room and try not to turn into the Hulk. *grin* But also the reason the motherboard can wait. ūüėČ
Seriously, if this is what bi-polar people go through then it’s really crappy. I know it’s hormones on my end, hmm…. I wonder if that is the reason on there’s too. I know it’s levels of serotonin and norepinephrine but . . . Then again I have this weird thought that maybe kids need the mom’s to cycle through emotions so they can begin to develop emotionally by using the hormones as well. I know odd thoughts.
That is the shoddily spelled quasi-quick update and I will do another in the distant future.


A Magic Called Hope

I was sitting here thinking about my childhood.  About how everything seemed to hold magic and wonder.

I loved making¬†up long stories about things with my little sister.¬† We’d build houses for wee folk in the woods,¬†we’d dig a good-sized hole and fill it with water so they could take a swim and cool off from the heat of the day.¬† We’d watch birds fly, deer graze and hop in the fields.¬† Cows and horses would wander around and Toby the yellow lab would be on our heels keeping us out of trouble.¬† That dog would tell on us in a heartbeat.¬† ūüėÄ

Everything held a kind of magic, the way the sun would stream through branches in the woods and leave patterns on the ground.  The  musty tang of leaves and the shush-shush as you walk through them.  The sharp scent of pine mingling with the mellow scent of oak, the mediciney smell of juniper, and the homey aroma of cedar.  The way snowflakes would almost dance in the air.  The indentations a rain drop makes in dry dusty soil.  The way it feels when it pours down on you after a long hot day.  Watching the water collect and run in rivulets and helping it get to bigger places by scratching a line in the ground with a stick.

I enjoyed catching honey bees in a mason jar so I could look at them and how they carried pollen around.¬† It always reminded me of saddlebags.¬† I’d catch lizards, frogs, toads, worms, fish, snakes (the non-venomous ones), birds, turtles, pretty much anything not nailed down.¬† I was a silent and quick little booger.¬† I’d catch these things and bring them home to my little sister and then we’d release them around the house, usually near the barn, creek,¬† woods, or pond depending on what it was.

What I’m trying to get at is, that everyday life held that little spark of excitement, of new things to explore and find out.¬† As I grew older the more science and theory I learned the more jaded I became.¬† The magic began to die for me.¬† What is life without magic?¬† Without something you cannot explain?¬† Something you just feel or have faith in?

Then I learned, scientists couldn’t explain how a bumblebee could fly because it was impossible.¬† The ruins of Plato’s Troy were uncovered, and¬†two days ago¬†I found a news article saying Atlantis may have been discovered in Spain near the Straits of Gibraltar, where Plato said it was, Fox News Report and MSNBC.¬† MSNBC has the better report ūüėČ

This, in its self, has renewed my faith in magic.

1) Because for how many years have people said,¬† “Plato made up Troy, and Plato made up Atlantis.”?¬† The so call “experts” who thumb there nose¬†at history and the past because it is not written in a way they can understand it.¬† It is built upon what the people of that time can understand.

2) Believing in something despite what all the skeptics say, fuels your inner child.  It keeps happiness in your life.  Because if you take all of the dirty facts and live on those alone, you grind away any hope of the future.



Nuclear Holocaust

Solar Storms (EMPs from solar flares)







Rudeness from other people

If you take all of these negativities and many more, and dwell upon them, you are going to eat yourself up with worry and stress.  These are real and just thinking and being afraid of them can cripple your spirit.  How do you get past fears?  With a little bit of magic, called hope.


A better paying job.

Going to the Beach

Helping someone who’s down and out

Taking walks

Appreciating what you have around you

Being thankful to be alive.

Being able to change a bad situation into a good one.  (By opening a door for someone who is having a rough day, you may have stopped verbal or physical violence.  Just by showing kindness.)

Hope is the magic that keeps us going.¬† It is the positive “What if?” and the acting upon it that gives our lives meaning.¬† So take the time to build¬†wee folk¬†houses and watch the pattern the rain makes in the dust and enjoy life.¬† Then take that joy and spread it through kindness and hope.

My Muse Is Evil

I’ve been working on the most horrible things I can inflict upon humanity and it is¬†excellent stuff.¬† It makes me wonder why this aspect comes so easily.¬† The last story I wrote, I melted a screaming- slowly-dying-horse, ripped¬†people apart, by way of having them eaten alive by a horde , and sent humanity back to the stone-age via brimstone and fire.¬† Among *cough* other things.¬† I can’t count how many times I came out of the office crying because of the horrid stuff I had just written and visualized.¬†¬†Heart wrenching as it was, I was¬†thrilled at the same time.¬† Ugh.

It came out again as I went through Week 2 Part 1 of HTWAS,  a couple of minutes ago.  So I continue with the dual state of being horrified yet excited about what is coming in this novel.

I’m turning up some interesting research that will help the core of the series.¬† Some frightening stuff to be honest, but¬†fascinating none the less.¬† If you’re going to work world destruction into a series it is¬†best to find out what really happens.

The Space Review: The EMP threat: fact, fiction, and response (part 1) (page 1).

A Series Game Plan

I have a series blurb done.  So my next step is to look at the blurb and figure out the logical steps that will have to occur in each novel to have it fall into place.  So in order to do that I will do a mind map to get some ideas together after asking some questions.  Like; if this happens what effects would happen here?  Who would it affect?  What causes this to happen?  What could be lost?  What could be gained? Who gets hurt the most?  And so on.  As many questions as I can think of to apply to the idea and pull out story arcs for each novel.  The whole A+B=C routine with a few left hooks and upper-cuts to keep everyone guessing.  This is going to be fun, but it will also take a while to complete.