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I found out something really awesome about, “The Sentence” and want to share it.  I did all the prep work to get it for the first novel in the hope-to-be series of stand-alones.  I was staring at it and “The Sentence” for the series.  Then the thought hit me.  I can do the “Points” for each of the things in the sentence and have multiple things to run on for the book that tie into one another and interconnect without killing the muse at the same time by keeping with the big stuff.  By having the Sentence at the top of the page as I do each one the muse keeps that in perspective.  It also allows for twists to follow easier.  and sentence-lights to pop up and make plotting great with candy-bars ready to go.  This way I don’t lose track of what is happening and it is consistent.  As you can tell, I run off on tangents quite a bit.  (I’m trying to avoid one now. 😛 ) 

I also was loosing track of what I had learned, but I re-read my entries here, to see if I was running around in circles like I was today and I became grounded here.  Mind clutter really gets to me sometimes.  I’m just happy I’ve been posting what I’ve been finding out so I can look back and say, “Oh, shoot, that’s what I learned.”

I now understand the quote, “How do I know what I am thinking if I do not write?” – Virginia Wolf  

It’s more of a paraphrasing, really. 

Anyway, on to getting the overall picture I want.  Breaking  it down into “TS” and then back to defining and deepening the components with clinics and courses. 

I have to figure out the ‘why’ before I can get the  ‘how’ to function.  Anyone else like that?


Wow, just learned a whole bunch that has saved me a ton of heartache.  I watched all of the “How To Write A Series” first week course.  I found out that I need to write a stand-alone novel that hints at the broad themes and problems the series I want to create will handle.  This is not a bad thing in the least.  This piece of information made me re-think my first novel completely.  I can have everything building in the background while the characters are dealing with the fallout that needs to occur before the big whammy falls into place in the following novels.  It make sense.  In today’s world, . . . Continue reading

A quick post tonight, as I’m going to be heading for bed very soon.  I’m learning what really drives people emotionally and externally.  It is making so much sense now.  I’ve also downloaded a freeware mind mapping program, so I can get my ideas down quicker, in blips as they occur.  I’m able to see how my mind is functioning as well.  I’ve gone through quite a bit of reading, note-writing, and an exercise today on the FMC.  I will be following it up with additional characters who are major.  Then I will be adding depth to them piece by piece as I go through.  Holly also started her “How To Write A Series Course” 

Here is the link to her teaser:

Tomorrow, I will be heading out to my semi-local coffee shop to get a cup of joe and use their wi-fi so I can download the videos to that course as well.   My dial-up is hating Mb transfers.  5 kbps is not fun for this.  I’m betting most of you guessed it, I’m going to do each of the clinics alongside the Write a Series course, because that is what I had planned anyway 😉     Hmm. . . I wonder if I’m a little touched in the head?  Nah.  Just driven at the moment, at least I hope so.  Well, good night and sweet dreams!

Lovin’ the Learnin’

I thought I’d do a quick post before calling it a night.  I’m having to dig in my heels, to keep from rushing through this clinic.  I made it to page 19 today and made myself take notes and mull everything over.  There was quite a bit of information on those pages and I want to wring every last drop of it out, so I have more to work with.  Plus, the theories had me reeling Continue reading

I missed posting yesterday and I apologize for that.  So, let us begin with yesterday, Friday, February 11, 2011. 

I woke up groggy, stiff, sore and in the need of some coffee.  I put a pot on and then started the Qigong DVD.  Day one of exercise.  After completing the stretches, soft and soft-hard Qigong movements, and finishing up with the accupressure self-massage, my head was clear, my mind focused and my energy above and beyond what it has been since 2006. Continue reading