About the author:

Oh, hey, that’s me!  Hi.  I’m  Gwendolyn McAllister.  How are you  doing?  I’m good.

For some reason a part of me thinks that you want to learn something about me.  Either that or you clicked here by mistake or the computer gremlins have stuck you on this page and won’t let you leave until you’ve read it.  If that’s the case then *snicker* I am, ah, indebted to the gremlins.  Doesn’t sound that grand does it?

Anyway,  I’m a disabled USAF veteran, injured in the line of duty.  I learn for fun and enjoy doing many different things.  If I listed all of my training, abilities, skills, etcetera,  you may try to harm your gremlins and that always backfires.  Nasty little boogers. . .

About the blog:

This blog has been set up to motivate the author into writing a novel.  Well, another novel, really,  the other ones will remain nameless and out of sight until said author revises them into completely different novels entirely or she burns them and dances around the charred remains.

She will  include any epiphanies and *headdesk* manuevers for your enjoyment.  When the writing begins the little word ticker will climb, but first comes the building, creating, schedules, and fun little bits of pre-planning that happen before the writing.