It has been a bit nuts around here for the past several months and it is likely to continue. I will not be posting for quite a while in addition to the length of time that has already elapsed.
The motherboard in my laptop fried a month after the warranty expired. So I’m writing everything long hand which works better for me any way. I’ll type and edit at the same time.  I can’t afford $400.00 right now.
I have more 1700 and 1800’s era American Indian women life ways and cooking demonstrations coming up than I know what to do with. Yep that includes sleeping under the stars. Fun stuff with pay. *waggles eyebrows*
Last and definitely not least, I’m 17 weeks pregnant. He or she will be our first non furry child, not a dog or a cat. We don’t know what we’re having yet. My husband is having daily panic attacks and worrying about everything. I’m pretty much calm and collected. Every now and again I have massive mood swings but when that happens I can feel it so I warn him and lock myself in a room and try not to turn into the Hulk. *grin* But also the reason the motherboard can wait. 😉
Seriously, if this is what bi-polar people go through then it’s really crappy. I know it’s hormones on my end, hmm…. I wonder if that is the reason on there’s too. I know it’s levels of serotonin and norepinephrine but . . . Then again I have this weird thought that maybe kids need the mom’s to cycle through emotions so they can begin to develop emotionally by using the hormones as well. I know odd thoughts.
That is the shoddily spelled quasi-quick update and I will do another in the distant future.