Wow, just learned a whole bunch that has saved me a ton of heartache.  I watched all of the “How To Write A Series” first week course.  I found out that I need to write a stand-alone novel that hints at the broad themes and problems the series I want to create will handle.  This is not a bad thing in the least.  This piece of information made me re-think my first novel completely.  I can have everything building in the background while the characters are dealing with the fallout that needs to occur before the big whammy falls into place in the following novels.  It make sense.  In today’s world, . . . publishers are going to be edgy about buying an entire series of novels when they have a bunch to lose if the series fails.  If the books don’t take off, then I haven’t invested all of my time in something that makes me depressed when I look at the printed pages that will join the other ones in a shoe box. 

But more important than that, is I have a better grasp of what I want to write.  I had this huge idea, two worlds colliding with a third trying to take them over, because of resources.  But this was caused by humanity messing with things it should not be messing with and a slam-bang, everything hits the fan at once, story was emerging.  This way I get to set up the dominoes, apply a little sleight of hand, and bingo the whole thing is building towards a mondo collapse, with everyone scrabbling to pick up the pieces.  Then I can go into major fall-out and invading armies, and tie it up with everyone coming together and maybe overcoming the third-party in a desperate plan that could leave one side gone or all three obliterated. 

So, I need to go refine some things for the first novel.  What I want to hint at, the main plot, a few key things.  Oh and work the culture, setting, characters and plot out.  Oh my fingers are twitching.  😀