A quick post tonight, as I’m going to be heading for bed very soon.  I’m learning what really drives people emotionally and externally.  It is making so much sense now.  I’ve also downloaded a freeware mind mapping program, so I can get my ideas down quicker, in blips as they occur.  I’m able to see how my mind is functioning as well.  I’ve gone through quite a bit of reading, note-writing, and an exercise today on the FMC.  I will be following it up with additional characters who are major.  Then I will be adding depth to them piece by piece as I go through.  Holly also started her “How To Write A Series Course” 

Here is the link to her teaser:  http://hollylisle.com/HTWAS-teaser.html?awt_l=FLk6p&awt_m=1b9.6FrkcJt9gP

Tomorrow, I will be heading out to my semi-local coffee shop to get a cup of joe and use their wi-fi so I can download the videos to that course as well.   My dial-up is hating Mb transfers.  5 kbps is not fun for this.  I’m betting most of you guessed it, I’m going to do each of the clinics alongside the Write a Series course, because that is what I had planned anyway 😉     Hmm. . . I wonder if I’m a little touched in the head?  Nah.  Just driven at the moment, at least I hope so.  Well, good night and sweet dreams!