I’m at “The Wild Bean”, here in Lewisburg, WV, partaking of their wi-fi services, awesome yuppie food, and great coffee.  Who knew soy-corn-bean burgers could taste so yummy?  Probably the folks who developed them, right?  Anyway I’m downloading all the videos for “How to Write a Series”   because my dial-up falls over dead each time I attempt it at home.  Poor little thing. . . starts shaking like a leaf.  Then whump!  Falls over into seizures, and dies painfully, while knocking out any connection I had.  Then when I stop, it gets up, laughs at me, and I’m pretty certain blows a raspberry in my direction.  Big ol’ faker.  I fall for it each time too and so does the computer.  *shakes head*

Back to what I’m doing,  I’m mind mapping character questions and coming up with some great possibilities.  I will then cull the herd and work it all together like a 6-D puzzle.  6-D because I have to warp space and time a little to make the story flow in “theoretical normal space and time”.  Personally I don’t think anything’s really normal,  there is a twist to everything or else we’d be living the same day over and over again without change.  Then again, normal is an average of everything.  Oh, now isn’t that a scary thought?  What if normal broke?  Hmm. . . I’ll have to keep that in mind for a later novel or short-story.  

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  I’ll update some more later.  My coffee’s getting cold.  😉