I missed posting yesterday and I apologize for that.  So, let us begin with yesterday, Friday, February 11, 2011. 

I woke up groggy, stiff, sore and in the need of some coffee.  I put a pot on and then started the Qigong DVD.  Day one of exercise.  After completing the stretches, soft and soft-hard Qigong movements, and finishing up with the accupressure self-massage, my head was clear, my mind focused and my energy above and beyond what it has been since 2006. 

I was injured in the line of duty, back in 2006. I am a disabled veteran.   I had herniated a disc, caused damage to the sciatic nerve and acquired disc degenerative disease, along with an awesome case of arthritis spreading throughout my spinal column.  Fun times.   I was barely able to walk two days ago.  I use a cane when no one is looking, and grin and bear it when people are around.  If I don’t mind it doesn’t matter.  I have become so good at blocking out the pain that I have to stop and actually think about it or when it hits my like a hot iron spike and I find myself on the floor.  There is no thought when that happens, only the pain hitting and the complete loss of control of my body.  Muscle spasms plague me from the neck down to my toes.  Go figure, since the ruptured disc in the lower middle of my back at L-4 through L-5,  all I can think is, because of the electrical short there, it’s causing a back-feed and causing the rest of the nervous system to short out a little bit, too.

Back to Qigong.  I was able to walk around more easily and sit at my office chair for longer periods of time.  When I started to stiffen up again I’d go through the stretching exercises once more.  Plus, the feeling of peace and tranquility lasted throughout the day.  I was and am happy, down to the core of my being. 

With that in mind, many things happened, yesterday.  I was getting ready for a nice hot shower when the was a knock at the door.  A friend of my husband stopped by to see if we wanted to purchase some furs and I did.  Before I get lambasted for this, let me explain.  My husband and I do Native American Re-enactments, participate in Living History demonstrations, and public education.  Including, the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War from the Native perspective.  We use the hides to teach people how to tan and what they were used for.  We also hunt, taking every bit of the animal that can possibly be used and using it.  I teach the following:  How to cook without pots and pans over an open fire.  How to make cornmeal, corn flour.  Food grown in gardens, gathered food and what to look for, along with preservation.   For a little while I portrayed a captive Lenape, Delaware, and demonstrated why I had to be in a leg-stock and my arms tied and staked to the ground at the same time.  I could stand straight up and untie the stock releasing myself.  My ankles are very flexible.  I teach life and survival. 

My husband works at a private boarding school and offers a class to the students called “Primitive Technology” .  They learn to use different types of bones and make fishing hooks, tips for spears and arrows, basically tools.  They learn to tan hides, sew, embroider, weave, make nets, hammocks, and many other things.  All using things they can gather from the surrounding area.  Sometimes, we do buy supplies for the class, because the gathering and preparing of the items would take more than what the semester allows for.

On to other things that happened yesterday.  I finally got my shower. *happy dance*  After my husband got home from work,  *eye roll*,  and started working on the “Create a Character Clinic”  See links below, if you’re interested. 

I have been doing an outline and putting it in a three-ring binder.  I printed out the table of contents and numbered it to correspond with the notes I am taking so that when I need something I can flip directly to it.  In the back will be a to-do list breaking everything down into mini-goals which I will add to my daily schedule, so that I can easily accomplish them.  I am sixteen pages into the clinic and have twenty-two pages of mostly hand written notes already done.  I’ve broken it down with my thoughts, ideas and additional information that I researched through the links provided in the clinic. 

During that I was updated that my father may need surgery, he should find that out soon.  My sister is doing well and enjoying college. 

I also fitted in some down time and shared the link to Maslow’s Self Actualization, with friends and family over on Facebook.  Here it is for you:    http://psikoloji.fisek.com.tr/maslow/self.htm borrowed from Holly Lisle’s “Create a Character Clinic”.  The nice thing is she teaches you how to develop the characters and then how to apply what you have to your writing.

Here is a quote from her introduction on “How To Create A Character Clinic”, page 2 :

‘I want to make this as close as I can to me reading over your shoulder, 
 looking at what you’ve done, and saying,
“Okay. Here’s what you can try next to get that scene to work.” ‘

How wonderful is that?

I also updated http://wabwm.com/  ‘Write A Book With Me’ and in the middle of it, my cat got into my laptop case and ripped the silica gel pack to shreds.  Luckily, he did not ingest any of it, but managed to spread it everywhere.  I think he was trying to set-up the dog.  *shakes head*  I updated the post on WABWM so no one would worry about my fuzzy trouble maker.  He’s fine today, too. Up to no good and bouncing off the walls. 
Speaking of today,  I woke up after a very restful six-hours of sleep.  I became very stiff when I got out of bed.  I put some coffee on, did Qigong again, and I feel better than yesterday.  And now I am posting this for your enjoyment.