Alright, second entry coming your way.  This is going to outline what I plan for the blog. 

 I’m using it as a,  “get my butt in gear”, cattle prod and inviting everyone to come along for the ride.   First things first, I will be writing a novel.  It has many sides to it that will require blending including scientific theory (sci-fi), paranormal, high fantasy, and romance.  As my friend, Daniel, said, “It’s a geeky fantasy.”   That’s the goal here. 

I am a logical thinker and have problems understanding things from an emotional viewpoint.  That is one of the largest challenges I will be facing.  In addition to that, I, myself, am direct and to the point so I will be working hard to use subtlety and sew in hints to what is actually happening.  To do this latter part I will take the largest problems and work them backwards to see where the smallest component lies.   Meaning, what things when stacked on top of each other would create the major problem and force the characters to make a stand and risk everything to change it?

Before that can occur I need to create some characters to pit against each other and, well, torture really.  To do this I will be using Holly Lisle’s “Create A Character Clinic”.  Please, understand that I cannot share her clinics and workshops with you, but I can share the end result as my character mock-ups.  If you are interested in her workshops and clinics her link is at the bottom of the blog site. 

Also, I have scheduled out my time each day for writing, except for days off.  This schedule includes, showers, teeth brushing, Qi Gong (morning and evening), time with my husband,  writing-goals, study, down time and many other things. Each of these things are then broken down into a specific to-do list each day, including a time allotment for making additional schedules.   By setting a schedule like this I can keep the promise I made to myself to sit down and write.   For more information and how to do this realistically visit Holly Lisle’s site and pick-up “How to Find Your Writing Discipline”. 

First Goals:

1) Read “Create A Character Clinic” 

2) Take notes, write down ideas, note epiphanies and *headdesk* moments

3) Update blog with next steps, new ideas, and reactions.

Alright back to work! *Cracks whip at self*